Monday, May 17, 2010

“No to relocation within Okinawa!” message to Government – 90,000 gather in Okinawa Prefecture Rally

Floods of people – The “Okinawa Prefecture Rally for Early Closure of US Futemma Air Base and Its Relocation to Outside Japan or Okinawa and against Its Relocation within the Prefecture” was held at the Yomitan Village Stadium in Okinawa. 90,000 people gathered in the stadium (photo). They said “No!” to the Japanese Government that tried to seek the relocation within the prefecture while publicly stating the relocation “at least to outside Okinawa Prefecture”. People came to the stadium one after another even before the start of the rally, causing nearby roads to be congested. Some almost missed the gathering due to the inching traffic. There were many groups of two or even three generations of families, and many junior high and high school students. Mayors and assembly chairpersons of all cities, towns and villages in the prefecture, the Okinawa governor and the prefectural assembly chairperson also joined the rally and appealed the relocation of the Futemma Air Base to outside the prefecture. (Reported by Gasha Kaori) - Video of the rally (All of the rally recorded) - Photos of the rally (by Kimura)

「県内移設 NO!」を政府に突きつける~沖縄県民大会に9万人

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