Thursday, May 27, 2010

Film “No Time for Dying” featuring Born Activist Sumiko Masunaga to Screen

“No Time for Dying—Sumiko Masunaga, 86,” produced by Video Press, was to be screened on May 12 in Tokyo’s Nakano Ward, prior to enactment of law to revise Japan’s constitution. Sumiko Masunaga (photo) was made to believe she was one of “Emperor’s child” by militaristic education and holds bitter memory of encouraging soldiers to head to the battlefield. She established the first post-war labor union for nurses and midwives at Toyoda Kariya Hospital in Aichi Prefecture in 1970s. The 145-meter-tall born-activist adapted a death-row inmate and became active in amnesty, anti-death penalty movement, support for Japan Railway workers labor dispute and protecting Japan’s constitution. At the movie screening, she discussed needs of anti-war movement and protest against revision of Article 9, the pacifist article, with former imperial soldier, Ichiro Koyama.
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