Monday, May 17, 2010

“Feeling relieved but still worried about job” – Kokuro ratifies government’s solution proposal at its ad hoc conference

On April 26, 2010, Kokuro (National Railworkers’ Union) held its ad hoc conference at Shakai Bunka Kaikan (Social and Cultural Hall) in Tokyo and unanimously ratified the Japanese Government’s proposal for solution of the dismissal of 1,047 former railway workers, with the total settlement of approximately 20 billion yen. 100 Tosodan (struggle group) members and three bereaved family members with photos of the deceased (photo) participated in the conference. Mr. Takahashi, President of Kokuro, greeted, “The solution proposal is meaningful as our achievement after our quarter century-old struggle against discrimination against our union, although it is not necessarily perfect”. Four participants spoke in the conference all in favor of the proposal, and it was ratified smoothly. Many of the struggle group members suggested, “We simply feel relieved but the employment issue still remains”. Actually, many of guests for the conference called the proposal “insufficient” and “a pending matter still remaining”. The conference revealed that the issue of “employment in JR (Japanese Rail)” remained unresolved for the final solution, although the proposal was ratified. (Reported by M) Photo flash

4月26日、国労は東京・社会文化会館で臨時大会を開催し、全会一致で1047名・JR不採用問題の政府解決案(和解金・総額約200億円)を批准した。大会には、100人に及ぶ闘争団と3人の遺族(写真)が遺影をもって参加した。高橋委員長は「手放しで喜べる内容ではないが、四半世紀に及ぶ組合差別と闘って得た解決として意義がある」と挨拶した。大会では4人が発言したが、すべて賛成意見で波乱なく批准された。傍聴席の闘争団員は「とにかくほっとした。でも雇用の問題が残っている」と述べる人が多かった。大会の来賓発言でも「不十分な解決」「宿題がある」という言い方が多く、批准はしたものの、最終決着には「JR雇用」の問題が課題であることが浮き彫りになった。(M) 写真速報 

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