Monday, May 17, 2010

Unfair decision on Mr. Hikita’s dismissal! – Court only accepts what Metropolitan Board of Education says

On April 28, 2010, the Tokyo District Court (Chief Justice: Shiraishi Tetsu) rejected the claim of Hikita Tetsuya, a former school teacher in Tokyo, that his dismissal as being “ill-qualified” be rescinded. The court judged the punishment by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education as legitimate, saying that storage of Mr. Hikita’s personal belongings, his commute by car and his corporal punishment, all of which were points in dispute, reflect his lack of eligibility as a teacher. The decision that only accepted what the board of education said was very unfair with the refutation and rebuttal evidence from Mr. Hikita, the plaintiff, being totally ignored. He immediately appealed to the high court, and angrily said, “I gave lessons for three hours also this morning (at a private school), even if the court said that I was not eligible. There are students and parents who support my lawsuit. I am disappointed with the decision that totally ignores my claim. Is this really the court?” (Reported by Sasaki Yumi) - Image (UnionTube) - Web page of Hikita’s lawsuit * Photo: Press conference after decision (Mr. Hikita on the left)

「不適格教員」とされ分限免職(解雇)処分となった東京都の元教員、疋田哲也さんが処分撤回を求めていた裁判で、東京地裁(白石哲裁判長)は4月28日、請求を棄却する判決を言い渡した。判決は裁判の争点となった私物の保管問題、自動車通勤の問題、体罰について、どれも教員としての適格性を欠くとして都教委の処分を適法とした。原告側の反論・反証をまったく取り上げず、都教委の言い分をそのまま認めたきわめて不当な判決となった。原告側は即日控訴した。疋田さんは「適格性がないと言われても、今日も午前中3時間(勤務している私立学校で)授業をしてきた。裁判を支援してくれる保護者、生徒もいる。こちら側の言い分をまったく無視した判決にがっかりした。これが裁判所か」と怒りをあらわにした。(佐々木有美) ・動画(UnionTube) 

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