Monday, June 28, 2010

Female employees of Toyoko Inn organize union – No more working long overtime hours and human rights violation!

In Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd., which runs 200 economy hotels in Japan, full-time female employees in charge of reception and room service formed the “Toyoko Inn Union”. They cannot take a nap or rest despite that they have to work in a 25-hour shift. They have to work very long overtime hours without pay, and there are only one to two employees required to manage the whole building late at night. They are forced to take 8-day “introspection training” in a half tatami mat-sized (9 square feet) closed space. They have filed a lawsuit to the Osaka District Court about their “extremely hard work likely to cause karoshi (death from overwork) and training with human rights being violated”. However, the management rebuts their claims for unpaid wages as “dogmatic leftist theories” and insists the introspection training as a “spiritual and psychological technique that cannot be grasped with materialistic understanding”. More and more employees of the hotel chain are joining the union after reading flyers and news reports. The National Council of the National Union of General Workers opened “Labor and human rights hotlines for Toyoko Inn” in various places in Japan. (Yamahara, Zenrokyo: National Trade Union Council) - Webpage for more details


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