Friday, June 11, 2010

Japan-US Agreement Discriminates Okinawa - Okinawan Anger Outbursts at Japanese and US Governments

In the rain, the demonstration of furor did not break for 18 minutes. On May 28 when the Japanese and US governments released a joint statement for the relocation of Futenma Air Base to Henoko, Nago City, protest rallies were held in the cities of Naha and Nago against the Japan-US agreement. "The Japan-US agreement discriminates Okinawa." The rallies in Nago and Naha attracted more than 1,000 citizens, respectively, to give outcries toward both US and Japanese governments as they were promoting the base relocation within the prefecture, ignoring voices of Okinawa. To the square in front of the prefectural office located in the Naha City, protesters with an umbrella streamed continuously in the rain to attend the rally (see the photo). "April 28 is the day of humiliation. Today, May 28 is the day of insult to the Okinawans." As speakers expressed their determination, participants responded with applauses and voices of compathy, pledging to maintain their stiff fight.
By Gaja


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