Friday, June 11, 2010

A Strike Goes On at Honda's Factory in China - Complaint Allegedly Attributable to Wage Gap between Japanese and Chinese Employees

Starting in early May, the strike at an automotive parts factory run by Guangqi Honda Automobile in Guangzhou, China, is still going on. The latest news update tells that their entire automotive production lines have been paralyzed. This morning, the media reported that the company made a proposal of wage and allowance increases by 355 yuan (about \5,000) on May 26, which was rejected by the labor. According to the media, workers said, "We will adhere to our three-point basic demands: wage increases, a better wage system and a fairer management system." The City of Foshan, Guandong Province, home to this plant, has been attracting attention to workers' life-and-death situation after a series of death-leap attempts by 11 workers for Foxconn. By Inagaki
Links to video reports on the strike
Photo: The struck factory 

 5月初めからはじまった中国・広州本田の部品工場でのストライキがつづいています。最新のニュースでは自動車生産が全面停止になったとあります。今朝の報道では、5月26日に会社側は355元(約5000円)の賃金・手当の引き上げを提案したようですが、労働者は拒否したようです。報道によると「われわれは三点の原則を堅持する。賃上げ、賃金体系の改善、管理制度の改善の三点だ」とのことです。工場のある広東省佛山市は、富士康集団(フォックスコン)の労働者11人が相次いで飛び降り自殺を図るなど、労働者の生存状況に関心が集まっています。(稲垣) ・ストライキの映像 *写真=ストライキに入った工場

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