Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dismissed for suffering depression after 100 hours overtime per month

Here are some of the dismissal cases sent to the Email dismissal consultation held by the NPO Labor Consultation Center and Tokyo Tobu Union, General Workers’ Union in May and June. “Worked overtime for 100 hours per month and suffered depression and took sick leave for one day in a month. I was dismissed the day after I was absent without notice. (catering part-timer)””Dismissed for refusing a relocation order.(security worker with 8 years seniority)””Dismissed for asking the dispatching company to change my status to a regular worker after 4 years experience as a dispatched worker”. The management and pro-management scholars are crying for “More freedom of dismissal!”, but in fact there are already abundant abuses of the right to dismiss. (Sugano, Tokyo Tobu Union) Photo: Action against dismissal on July 14


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