Saturday, October 9, 2010

Union Mie: Four dispatched workers take JTEKT Co. to the court

Four ex-employees of JTEKT Co., a parts supply maker for Toyota, filed a suit to the Tsu District Court, claiming unfair dismissal. These four workers are members of Union Mie, a community union based on individual affiliation, which is an affiliate of the Japan Community Federation affiliated to Rengo and were employed with a fixed term but were in fact employed under disguised contracting. The company refused the demand by the workers to reinstate, so they went to court. One of the plaintiffs is also demanding compensation for mental damages inflicted by disclosure of his HIV infection to other employees, on which he reported to the company on entering the company.(SAKAI Touru)Photo: Plaintiffs at Tsu District Court

ユニオンみえ : 元派遣労働者4人がジェイテクトを提訴

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