Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World campaign against Toyota~fight against Toyota’s human rights violation with international solidarity

Toyota Motors Philippine Corporation Workers Association President Ed Cubelo and Vice President Wenecito Urgel visited Japan on Sept. 19 to tour Nagoya, Toyoda and other cities in Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo for the fifth World Campaign against Toyota. Toyota dismissed four union members including the vice president in March, when ILO handed the Filipino government recommendations to resolve the disputes at an earlier date and the Philippines Department of Labor began arbitration. About 70 people from TMPCWA Support Group gathered in front of Toyota’s Tokyo headquarters and submitted a protest letter on the last day of the campaign on Sept. 22. After the solidarity day action, President Cubelo declared at a rally to build international solidarity to fight against Toyota and its neglect of human rights.WEB site of TMCPWA By T.M.

フィリピントヨタ労組(TMPCWA)のエド委員長とウェニー副委員長が来日して9月19日から名古屋、豊田市、神奈川、そして東京と第5回反トヨタ世界キャンペーンをくりひろげた。3月にILOがフィリピン政府に早期解決を勧告し、フィリピン雇用省が調停に始めたその時に、トヨタは8月2日ウェニー副委員長を含む4名の組合員を解雇した。キャンペーン最終日の22日、東京飯田橋のトヨタ東京本社前にTMPCWAを支援する会のメンバーら約70名が集まり、トヨタに抗議の申し入れを行った。この後近くのSK会館で連帯集会が開かれ、エド委員長は「トヨタの人権無視を労働者の国際連帯で跳ね返そう」と宣言した。(T.M) ・フィリピントヨタ労組(TMPCWA)

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