Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is it right to sell out public park to private corporation? ~Execution of government order at Miyashita Park

The government order was executed to remove tents and personal belongings of those who refused to obey the government orders to vacate the Miyashita Park in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district on Sept. 24. A few hundred riot police and plain-clothed cops filled the park. Some 60 citizens who opposed the government’s decision to turn the park into Nike Park conducted a sit-in at the entrance gate from 10 a.m. in an attempt to stop execution of the government order. While the press closely monitored the ordeal, they continued with a protest action. “Is it right to sell people’s park to a private company like Nike?” they made protest speeches in anger against the local government. As soon as guards and riot police began forcibly removing the protestors around 2 p.m., the park turned into a chaotic scene (see photo). “Stop the brutality,” “We refuse to hand over the park,” the protestors furiously resisted. The government’s order was eventually executed, but the protest at least helped reveal Shibuya Ward’s selling out of people’s park via media reports in and outside of Japan. A demonstration was held on Sept. 26 in protest to the government’s brutal and forced action to close Miyashita Park, which participants surrounded in a human chain. The calls to demand the park back to the people echoed throughout the city. By M. See video on UnionTube, YouTube, OurPlanetTV and SoundDemo.

9月24日、東京・渋谷区の宮下公園で反対派のテントや私物を撤去する「行政代執行」が行われた。公園周辺は、数百人の機動隊・私服警官が動員される異常な状態。「公園のナイキ化」に反対する人たち約60名は、午前10時より代執行を阻止すべく通用門に座りこみ、マスコミ注視のなか抗議行動を続けた。「みんなの公園を一私企業のナイキに売り飛ばしていいのか」、渋谷区に対する怒りのアピールが続いた。午後2時、突然ガードマンと機動隊が座りこみの強制排除に乗りだすと、現場は怒号に包まれた(写真)。「暴力はやめろ」「公園は渡さないぞ」反対派の必死の抵抗が続いた。結局代執行は強行されたが、メディアを通して、これまで隠されてきた渋谷区の公園売り飛ばしの実態が国内外に知られることになった。9月26日、渋谷区による宮下公園封鎖の暴挙に抗議して、同公園を包囲する緊急デモが行われ、「公園返せ」「とんでもナイキ」―リズミカルな叫びが、街中に響きわたった。(M) ・動画(UnionTube・YouTube)動画(OurPlanetTV)動画(サウンドデモ)

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