Monday, July 11, 2011

Power Industry Union sticks to pro-nukes position; Dismisses concerns of citizens’ group

About 40 members of the Emergency Action on the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis visited the Tokyo Electrical Power Company (TEPCO) Workers Union and the Federation of Electric Power Industry Related Workers Union of Japan (Denryoku-soren) on June 29 to ask the Union and Federation to stop promoting nuclear power plants and to support workers exposed to radiation. The TEPCO Workers Union refused to meet the citizens group. Denryoku-soren set three conditions for the meeting; 1, six members only; 2, no coverage by mass media; 3, no photos and no recording. The visiting group was welcomed by 10 union staff members who guarded the entrance and the reception by Uchida Atsushi, Secretary General of the Union was high-handed. “There is no feasible cheap and stable alternative energy that can replace nuclear power,” Uchida said. “We have to concentrate on settling the crisis at Fukushima now. As for the future of nuclear energy, we are observing the government’s decisions closely.” He disclaimed his responsibility for the accident and refused to change the union’s position of promoting nuclear energy. He seemed displeased with the request from the group and abruptly ended the meeting saying, “We are not a social organization and not in a position receive such a request. Don’t come again.” (M)
Photo: MATSUMOTO Chie, confronted by union staff, asks for interview.

「福島原発事故緊急会議」プロジェクトのメンバー約40名が、6月29日、東京田町にある東電労組・電力総連に対して「原発推進方針の撤回・被曝労働者の支援」などを求める要請行動を行なった。東電労組は門前払いで一切対応を拒否した。電力総連は、「代表6名にしぼること、マスコミの取材拒否、カメラ・録音は不可」という条件を付けてきた。建物入り口を10人弱の職員がガードする異常な対応で、話し合いも内田事務局長の高飛車な態度が目立った。内田氏は「原発に代わる安価で安定したエネルギーで、説得力のある話はない。とにかく今は事故の収束が第一。あとは政府の判断を注視する」と述べ、自らの主体的責任は放棄し、原発推進の姿勢は変わらなかった。また申入れされたことが極めて不愉快な様子で、「私たちは社会的団体ではない。申入れを受ける立場ではない。もう来ないでほしい」と最後は一方的に席を立ってしまった。(М)  *写真=職員のバリケードに抗議し取材許可を求める松元ちえさん(手前)


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