Friday, July 1, 2011

Reporting on Workers Exposed to Radiation: Photojournalist Kenji Higuchi

“TEPCO is a liar,” Kenji Higuchi said live on Labornet TV on June 2. Higuchi is a photojournalist who reported on workers at nuclear power plants across Japan for more than 30 years. He delivered a powerful speech and stories about workers of subcontractors who were disposed of like old rags after being exposed to a large amount of radiation. Higuchi express anger toward electric companies, which never seemed to treat such workers as humans. His stories revealed that Tokyo Electric Power Company forced inhumane work under a few hundred mSv that is detrimental to human health. This is an ordinary work environment without any nuclear plants disaster. He also pointed out that TEPCO labor unions have had interest only to protect full-time TEPCO employees. An attempt to unionize temp workers in the past have also shed light to the importance of workers raising their voices. View archive (90 min). Photo: Kenji Higuchi (center)

隠された被ばく労働を追って~樋口健二さん レイバーネットTVで熱く語る
「東電は嘘つきだ」、レイバーネットTVで樋口健二さんは吠えた。6月2日のレイバーネットTV第14回放送は、原発労働者を30年以上追い続けてきたフォトジャーナリスト・樋口健二さんがゲスト。大量の放射能を浴びて雑巾のように捨てられていった下請け・孫請けの労働者への暖かいまなざしと、一方それをこき使った電力会社への怒りに満ちた発言で、スタジオを圧倒した。事故がなくても数百ミリシーベルトに及ぶ死の労働を下請け・孫請けに押しつけて成り立つ原発の非人道性が浮き彫りになった。また、正社員の労働組合が「自己保身」でしかなかったなかで、下請けの労働者たちが組合をつくった歴史が語られ、働く者が声を上げることの大事さが強調された。アーカイブでご覧ください。 アーカイブ視聴(90分) *写真=樋口健二さん(中央)


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