Friday, July 29, 2011

Support Aji-no-Kurahachi, Workers’ Struggle by Dining

Workers at a Japanese style bar “Aji-no-Kurahachi” joined a Freeta Union after their employer failed to pay their wages and they were stranded for money. They began running the business, located in western Tokyo, on their own in March.
The members were left with just enough money for commuting to work in February.
“We finally feel like we saved our sinking boat to reach a harbor,” Seiji Ishizaki, a union branch representative, said.
We ask you to support their struggle and their business by dining at their bar. Just think that you are saving the boat by scooping a bucket of water out of it. We would appreciate your continuing support to those who have not given up and to one of the many struggles caused by bankruptcies and unpaid wages. By Naoko Shimizu. Photo: Menu at Aji-no-Kurahachi

東京・西武池袋線ひばりヶ丘北口前の飲食店3店舗(味の蔵八、やんちゃ寿司、もっこり山)で、給与未払いにより生活困窮した労働者がフリーター全般労働組合に加入し、職場を確保するために争議行動の一環として今年3月から自主運営を行っています。今年2月に、当該組合員が、手元に交通費しかない状態まで追い詰められ、労組事務所に相談にきてから4ヶ月。分会代表の石崎誠治さんは、「難破船をようやく港につないだ気持ち」と言っています。担当チームの仲間も同じ思いです。共に舟にロープを1本かけるような、水をひとかきくみ出すようなご支援をいただければ幸いです。今後いっそう増加する倒産、給料の未払いに泣き寝入りしない争議としてぜひご注目・ご支援ください。(清水直子) *写真=「味の蔵八」のメニュー


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