Monday, July 11, 2011

TEPCO should pay- for the disaster! 1000 march in rain at Fukushima

A meeting of the Fukushima Action Seikatsu Mura (Living Village) and a rally called a “Handkerchief Parade” was held in Fukushima city on June 26. In the morning 500 participants met to gather information and talk about their anxieties. It was a great success. From 1:30 pm, a rally was held in front of the Prefectural government office, succeeded by the handkerchief parade. 1000 people from throughout and Fukushima Prefecture and other prefectures gathered in spite of the heavy rain. The organizer of the rally, SASAKI Keiko said, “The responsibility of the Governor, SATO Yuhei, is heavy. So, it’s important to raise our voices in front of the Prefectural Government office.” AOKI Kazumasa from the Group Concerned about the Decrepit Fukushima Power Plant said, “ We are going to Tokyo on June 30 to talk directly with the Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters and ask the government for concrete measures to promote evacuation.” (YUMOTO Masanori)
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6月26日、福島市内で福島アクション・生活村とハンカチパレードが開かれた。生活村は、午前10時から12時30分までAOZ(MAXふくしま4階)で開かれ500名以上が参加し、今抱えている不安を相談したり、情報を得たりすることができる場として大いに盛り上がった。午後は、13時30分から福島県庁前で集会とハンカチパレードが開催された(写真)。大雨の中でも、県内外から1000人が参加した。主催者の佐々木慶子さんは、「佐藤雄平県知事の責任は重大。県庁前で声をあげることは大きな意味がある」と発言、また「福島老朽原発を考える会」の青木一政さんは、「6月30日には東京で災害対策本部と直接交渉を行い、政府に避難促進策について具体的な措置を求めたい」と語った。(湯本雅典) ・動画(YouTube)


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