Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Together We Open Co-Op Diner in Devastated Region—Anonymous Rescue Team

This is a call to support our effort to open co-op diner. We plan to open a diner that is managed by people of the devastated region; that is to operate as a community center as well as providing meals; that is to become a space open to anyone; that is to act as a place for volunteers to gather in between their work in the open-kitchen, visits to temporary housing and help in reconstruction efforts; that is to support locals rebuild their lives; and that aims to lead to other diners like it. The first one is to be run by staff members of former evacuation center at Shizugawa High School in Minami-sanriku. We will work together slowly but surely just as we cleared the debris. Please help us gather donation. Check Anonymous Rescue Team (Nanashi-no-Shinsaikyuendan) homepage. Photo: Open kitchen.


「被災地に共同食堂を建設しよう」という呼びかけです。共同食堂のイメージは次の通りです。★被災者住民自らが運営していきます。事業体づくりをはかります。★食の提供とともにコミュニティセンターの役割をめざします。★社会的弱者・マイノリティーに開かれた場所をつくります。★炊きだし、仮設住宅訪問など救援・復興ボランティアの拠り所としていきます。★地域の協同した生活づくりを支援していきます。★第二、第三の「共同食堂」が被災地各地に広がっていくことをめざします。まず最初の共同食堂は南三陸町の旧志津川高校避難所スタッフが運営します。煉瓦をひとつひとつ積み上げるように被災地に共同食堂を一緒につくりましょう。「一煉瓦一万円基金」に参加してください。(名無しの震災救援団)・名無しの震災救援団HP   *写真=炊き出しの様子


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