Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don’t leave a criminal! Parents of 26-year old karoshi victim lodge a protest with Watami

Parents (photo) of MORI Mina, who committed suicide at the age of 26 only two months after she joined Watami izakaya bar chain, requested its CEO and president to discuss the issue of her death from overwork, or karoshi directly with them at the chain’s headquarters in Tokyo on September 20, 2012. MORI Go, father of Mina, told a representative of the chain, “For the bereaved family, this is a murder case”. To the representative, a staff of the risk management department who came down to the Moris in the absence of both the CEO and the president, Mori continued, “Unless the murderers who killed our daughter were found out and expelled rather than being left unchecked, another murder will take place”. (MATSUMOTO Chie)
Photo by TSUCHIYA Tokachi


タミでの長時間労働が原因で、入社2か月にして自死に追いやられた森美菜(当時26歳)さんの両親(写真)が、渡邊美樹会長や社長など責任ある立場の人間 と直接協議するよう、9月20日都内のワタミ本社に出向いて申し入れた。「遺族にとって、これは殺人事件です」父・豪さんは、会社代表代理の社員に投げか けた。協議申し入れ当日、会長、社長ともの不在から代理で対応したリスク管理室の社員に対して、豪さんは申し入れ書を読み上げた。「娘を死に追いやった殺 人犯を野放しにしておかないで、探し出し、追放し