Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Down with restart of construction of nuclear power plant! – Thousands protested

“Don’t restart nukes!” “Save children!” - On a Friday night, September 28, 2012, in front of the Office of the Prime Minister, several thousands of people protested against the restart of the construction of Oma Nuclear Power Plant on the northern tip of the Honshu Island of Japan. A female plaintiff for a mass evacuation from Fukushima appealed in tears, “We have complained to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education many times, but nothing has changed at all”. Another person, who was sunburnt, walked a long distance from Sapporo to Tokyo to join the protest, saying, “In Germany, human wisdom has stopped nuclear power plants. In contrast, Japan restarted them for money. Don’t use nuclear power. This is the people’s voice”. (Shinya)


「再 稼働反対!」「子どもを守れ!」、大間原発の建設再開が知らされた928日金曜日、どこの国の首相官邸かわからない闇に向かって数千人のシュプレヒコー ルが響きわたった。ふくしまし集団疎開裁判をやっている福島県から来た女性は「経産省や文科省に何回も抗議しているが何も変わらない」と涙ぐみながら訴え た。「札幌から歩いてきました」陽に焼けた真っ黒な顔。「ドイツは人間の理性で原発を止めた。日本は金儲けのために原発を動かした。原発は動かしてはいけ ない。これは国民の声だ」。(shinya