Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don’t trust the government – What’s wrong with Japan’s “sovereign territory” theory?

The program of the LaborNet TV on September 27, 2012 was “Senkaku (Diaoyu) and Takeshima (Dokdo) – Let’s think about the territorial issues with OTA Masakuni”. Ota (photo center) revealed from a historical point of view how false the “sovereign territory” theory is, which is used by Japanese media to fan the flame of nationalism. He said, “The territorial issues started from Japan’s colonialism. Japan’s territory only included the Honshu, Shukoku and Kyushu Islands during the Edo Period. Japan expanded its territory to both of its north and south by invasion”, showing a map used at that time, which does not include Hokkaido and Okinawa. Mr. Ota added, “The Takeshima and Senkaku Islands were colonized in the process of Japan’s invasion to Asia”. He also pointed out that the territorial dispute began with the remarks of Tokyo Governor ISHIHARA Shintaro to “buy Senkaku”, and said, “Why did Ishihara start to refer to Senkaku despite his failure to fulfill his election campaign promises, such as taking back the Yokota Air Base of the US military, and his disregard of the issues of Okinawa and Fukushima? It is important for us to detect the intentions of power for instigating a dispute between nations and not to trust the government”. (M)
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9 27日のレイバーネットTVは「“尖閣・竹島”だれのもの?―太田昌国と考える領土問題」を放送した。太田さん(写真)は、全マスコミが「固有の領土 論」に乗ってナショナリズムを煽るなか、その「論」の虚偽性を歴史的に明らかにした。「領土問題の原点は植民地主義。江戸時代の日本は“本州・四国・九 州”だけで、明治の“蝦夷征伐・琉球処分”で領土を南北に広げた」と、北海道・沖縄が入っていなかった当時の日本地図を示した。
「竹島・尖閣の領有も日本 のアジア侵略の過程で行われたもの」。また今回の引き
破り、沖縄の問題も 福島の問題も無視する知事がなぜ尖閣を言い出したのか。国家