Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Toyota is totally a liar – Ed Cubelo


In the evening of September 19, 2012, Ed Cubelo, president of the Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TWPCWA), and Jason, executive committee member, made a protest action against the motor company in front of its Tokyo Headquarters together with 200 supporters. Before the protest, Cubelo told Toyota officials at the headquarters, “If Toyota advocates ‘human respect’ as a guiding principle, it has to respect workers’ rights and negotiate with them in good faith”. However, Toyota failed again to show any sincerity in its negotiations with the union during the union members’ stay in Japan. At the end of the protest action, all the participants demanded Toyota immediately stop union-busting and withdraw the unfair dismissal of 237 TWCPWA members of eleven years ago. (MT)


 9 19日の夕刻、フィリピントヨタ労組(TMPCWA)のエド・クベロ委員長とジェイソン執行委員は東京総行動の200人に仲間とともにトヨタ東京本社前 で来日闘争の最後の申し入れ行動を行った。エド・クベロ氏は昼間の東京本社との交渉でトヨタが基本理念として「人間を尊重する」掲げるなら、労働者の人権 を尊重し、誠実に交渉すべきだと訴えた。しかし、トヨタは今回滞在中も組合に対して終始何の誠実な交渉もしなかった。最後に全員で11年間も続く237 の仲間の不当解雇・組合つぶしをすぐに撤回することをシュプレ