Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Protester against wrongdoings of the court convicted – “Retaliation” says lawyer

State power attacked a senior who is neither a radical, terrorist, nor mobster. On September 19, 2012, OTAKA Shoji, 70, was sentenced to 14 months in prison by the Tokyo District Court for protesting in front of the court against its wrongdoings. The chief justice TAWADA Takashi arrogantly handed down the sentence, “The defendant never shows any sign of reflection”. Some audiences who complained against the decision were immediately ordered to leave the courtroom. At a press conference (photo), OGUCHI Akihiko, one of the attorneys for Otaka, angrily commented, “This is a retaliatory decision in hatred of him who has continuously criticized the court’s wrongs. It failed to investigate evidence properly, tried not to show the prosecutors’ evidential DVD to audiences, and was hostile to them. Such a decision is unconstitutional and gloomy”. (M)


激派でもテロリストでも暴力団でもないたった一人の老人に、国家権力が襲いかかった。919日「裁判所前の男」大高正二さん(70歳)に対する東京地裁 判決(多和田裁判長・429号法廷)は、懲役12月の実刑判決で、大高さんはその場で収監された。多和田裁判長は「被告は反省の態度が微塵もない」と語 気を強め、見下すように実刑を言い渡した。この判決に「フザケルナ」と小声を発した傍聴者には即「退廷命令」が出され、廷吏3名に担ぎ出された。記者会見 (写真)で大口弁護士は「これは裁判所批判を続けてきた大高さんを嫌悪した裁判所による“報復判決”だ。証拠調べもまともにやらず、検察証拠
DVDを傍 聴席には見せないようにしたり、退廷を前提に訴訟をすすめるなど、憲法