Friday, November 9, 2012

No to planned bankruptcy! 250 march towards Fujibi Co

 Fuji Platemaking Co, a subsidiary of Fujibi Co., one of the three major printing companies in Arakawa Ward,  went bankrupt on September 14. The company fired all the 18 employees on the same day. The total debt was 80 million Yen, out of which 70 million was wages and reserves for retirement payments. The insolvency was nothing but a planned and disguised bankruptcy.
Printing is one of the Ward's main industries. On October 26, there was a rally to support the dismissed workers. 250 workers gathered in a park in front of the Ward office. Representatives from the Arakawa Ward Workers Union and the Zenrokyo union federation made speeches in support of the struggling workers. Most of the dismissed workers attended the meeting and spoke to the supporters. After the meeting,  protestors demonstrated, passing  by the main office of Fujibi Co. Demonstrations rare in Arakawa, so there was great attention from the passersby and also from the security police officers. ( SHIRAISHI Takashi, Arakawa Ward Worker Union)


10 月26日夜、倒産した荒川区の印刷関連会社フジ製版に関する行動がありました。18:30から荒川区役所前の公園で集会。全労協や区職労などの発言をうけ、最後にフジビグループ分会の10数名、一人ひとりが発言し、デモに出発しました。その数は250名以上、交差点を通過するデモの長さはすごかったで す。そのかわり、荒川では珍しく、公安警察官も10人以上、ずっとビデオカメラを回し続けていました。宮地交差点からフジビ本社がある道灌山通りに入る と、沿道の住民が多数歩道に出てきて、ビラを受け取るなり、携帯で写メするなり、すごい関心でした。(荒川区職労・白石孝) 報告

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