Friday, November 9, 2012

How to protect children from radioactive contamination? Educational Study Meeting to be held in Fukushima

On October 20, the Fukushima Educational Study Meeting will be held at the Ishikawa City Junior High School in Ishikawa City, Fukushima Prefecture. One and a half years have passed since the massive earthquake.
KOKUBU Toshiki, the Assistant General Secretary of the Fukushima Prefecture Teachers Union (Pictured), described the significance of this year's Educational Study Meeting. Even now, teachers and workers at school work every day to protect students from contamination and decontaminate the schools. The importance of caring for children's emotional wellbeing is also becoming increasingly clear. Yet, at the government level, an atmosphere of recovery and reconstruction is being promoted through the annual school sports day and other athletic events, which children are pushed to attend.
YUMOTO Masanori)


10 月20日から福島県教育研究集会が福島県石川町石川中学校で開催される。震災から1年半たった。福島の学校現場では、今も連日教職員が放射線防護、除染作 業に追われている。そして子どもたちの心のケアも、日増しにその重要性が増しているのが現実だ。しかし行政レベルでは、運動会や連合運動行事の再開など 「復興」が実現したかのような雰囲気が連日煽られ、そのイベントに子どもたちが駆り出されているのだ。開催に先立って、福島県教組書記次長の國分俊樹さん (写真)が今年の教育研究集会の意義を語った。(湯本 雅典

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