Friday, November 9, 2012

Supreme Court confirms compensation For terminated dispatched workers at Panasonic Eco Systems

On October 12, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Nagoya High Court  in the Panasonic Eco Systems case, ordering the company to pay damages of three hundred thousand Yen and one million Yen to two members of Aichi Solidarity Union who were unfairly terminated from their jobs as dispatch workers.. The company promised to pay the compensation money within the week. This is the first case in which the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of dispatch workers seeking compensation for termination. Although the Court did not accept the Plaintiffs' claim that the workers had an implied employment contract, the ruling was a change of tide when compared to the reactionary tendencies shown by the Supreme Court since the 2009 ruling on Panasonic Plasma Display case. The union members and the defense counsel confirmed the result of their three and a half years struggle and celebrated their victory. ( Aichi Solidarity Union)
Photo: Victory at the Nagoya High Court 


10 12日、名古屋高裁で愛知連帯ユニオン組合員2名に対する派遣切りに対して損害賠償(100万円と30万円)が認められた裁判の上告を最高裁が棄却、判決が確定しました。パナソニックエコシステムズは今週中の支払いを約束しました。派遣切りに対しての損害賠償が最高裁で確定したのはこのケースが初めてです。派遣先との黙示の労働契約の成立は認められませんでしたが、09年PDP最高裁判決以降の不当判決の流れにひとつの反撃ができました。組合員と弁護団 は、3年半のたたかいで一定の成果を勝ち取ったことを確認し、祝杯を交わしました。(愛知連帯ユニオン) 報告 

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