Monday, December 24, 2012

Execution of an eviction order on Tatekawa riverbed Living space protected by citizens’ power

In the morning of December 5, Koto Ward officials executed an eviction order to remove homeless people’s tent on the riverbed of the Tatekawa River in east Tokyo. Some 100 people gathered to protest the eviction. The tents were removed by the dwellers the day before and set up again in an adjacent area not covered by the eviction order. Nevertheless, more than 200 ward officials, security guards and police were deployed. They set up a white fence to conceal the tents from the passersby. The joint power of the tent dwellers and their supporters managed to preserve a living space for the homeless. (K) 


12 5日午前、東京・江東区の竪川河川敷公園で野宿者排除の行政代執行が強行されました。これに対し、早朝から約100人の市民が集まり抗議の声を上げまし た。代執行対象地は、前日までに更地になっていたにもかかわらず、区職員・警察・警備員あわせて200人以上が押し寄せ(写真)、代執行と無関係なフェン スでテント群を封鎖しました。しかし、当該の野宿者・支援者・市民の力で野宿者の居住空間は守られました。(K 

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