Monday, December 24, 2012

What did the youths see at the front? Iraq returnees uncover the truth on the Labornet TV

Labornet TV on December 5 live broadcasted interview with two returning US soldiers from Iraq, Aaron Hughes and Ash Woolson. They went to Iraq in 2003 in their early twenties and were drilled in the technique of killing people. “The training started from teaching your muscles to shoot anything moving. I had believed that we were going to Iraq to defeat the dictator ship and to support the peaceful living of the Iraqis. I found out that I was deceived.” They described the reality of the occupation, as if it were yesterday. “ Sexism and racism seep in you at the front. You start calling every Iraqi, “Haji”, which is a derogatory term. When you are de-humanized, it becomes easier to kill and you don’t suffer from killing.” They spoke of how they ran over and killed an Iraqi girl with their military truck. (M)
Ustream from 12:00


12 5日の「レイバーネットTV」にイラク帰還米兵アーロン&アッシュさんが生出演した。二人は2003年イラク占領に従軍した。当時20台前半の彼らはま ず、どうしたら人を殺せるかを徹底的に訓練された。「動くものを即座に撃つことを筋肉に覚えさせることから始まった。イラクへ行くのは、独裁者を倒し人々 の生活を援助し平和のために行くと信じていた。しかし裏切られた」。二人は昨日のことのように占領下の実態を語った。「戦地に行くと性差別・人種差別が身 についてくる。イラク人を“ハジ”という差別語で呼んだ。非人間化すると殺しやすくなるし、殺しても悩まなくなる」。そして彼らはイラクの少女をトラック でひき殺す事態を起こしてしまった。(M  

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