Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Professor arrested in frame up Abnormal suppression against no-nukes movement in Kansai

On December 9, Osaka Police arrested 3 citizens including SHIMOJI Maki, Assistant Professor at Hannam University, for walking in Osaka station on their way to the City Government office after taking part in a rally in October against the incineration of the debris of the East Japan Great Earthquake. The charges were disobeying an order to diperse, obstruction of business and violation of railway operation law. When the Osaka City held a public hearing on the debris incineration plan on August 30, Shimoji seriously challenged the city and Ministry of Environment officials on the safety of the plan. The Mayor Hashimoto could not answer and abruptly stopped the hearing. This malicious arrest is a frame up to crush the no-nukes movement. By this unprecedented arrest, the number of arrestees is now 10; one in the action to stop the restart of Oi Nuclear Power Plant, two in the action in front of the main office of Kansai Electric Power Company and four in another public hearing on the debris incineration plan. (Kansai Amalgamated Union, Ishida)
Photo: Shimoji at the public hearing on Aug. 30

Against oppression Feb.3 2013


12 月9日、大阪府警は、瓦礫焼却反対の街頭宣伝後、大阪市役所への移動のために大阪駅構内を通過したことが、「鉄道営業法違反」「不退去罪」「業務威力妨 害」に当たるとして、“モジモジ先生”こと下地さんはじめ3名の仲間を逮捕するという、前代未聞の暴挙を行いました。大飯原発ゲート前行動(1名逮捕)、 関電前行動(2名逮捕)、此花区民センター瓦礫説明会(4名逮捕・内1名は釈放)につづく、不当逮捕であり、そのでっち上げ性、暴力性は常軌を逸していま す。8月30日、大阪市が開催した瓦礫処理説明会で、下地さんは、市や環境省の「安全性」の誤魔化しに対し、徹底追求を行い、橋下市長は何ひとつまともに 答えられず、説明会を強制終了し、逃げるように帰りました。(関西合同労働組合・石田)


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