Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Don't leave our future to the merchants of death!" Citizens Protest against Japanese-French Partnership in Nuclear Export

French President Francois Hollande visited Japan for 3 days from June 6. He had a meeting with Prime Minister ABE Shinzo on June 7. Major issues discussed between the two leaders included strengthening the Japanese-French partnership in nuclear power-generation technologies, particularly in promotion of the export of nuclear reactors. The weekly anti-nuclear protest on Friday in Kasumigaseki and the Diet area took place in the evening of the day of the bilateral summit. Thousands of protesters raised their voice against Japanese-French cooperation on developing and exporting nuclear power plant and defence technologies. They also called for repeal of the restart plan of idle reactors, suspension of the operating reactor in Oi and decommissioning of all reactors as usual Friday protests.

 Citizens' Letter to President Hollande Says "NON!" to Bilateral Nuclear Partnership

Prior to the Hollande's visit to Japan, a group of Japanese residents in Paris sent a letter to the president, demanding him to honor his campaign pledge to reduce the dependency on nuclear power to 50% from the current 75% by 2025 and close down the aging Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant. They are members of the Yosomono (outsiders) Network France, the French chapter of the group of Japanese residents in Europe opposing to nuclear power. *Image: the logo of the Yosomono Network France





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