Thursday, June 6, 2013

Women’s Blood Boiling!—400 People Gather to Protest against Hashimoto Comment

The hall in the upper house was filled with people, later flooding out to the hallway. People were standing in the back, and those who could not enter the hall listened to presentations in the hallway. The protest action against Hashimoto’s comment on May 22 had about 400 angry people, more than 90 percent of whom were women. “We cann’t ever forgive him,” “He should resign right now,” “Hashimoto and Abe are the same” etc etc… anger never stopped. Some 235 groups raised their voice against Hashimoto’s repeated comments such as “comfort women were necessary” and “the US military should make good use of sex industry to relieve Marine’s sexual energy.” There were media organizations covering this event from Hong Kong and South Korea besides domestic media. Labornet TV live-streamed the event from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.  

参 院議員会館講堂が埋まった!あふれた! 会場は立ち見になり、入場できない人たちが会館の外にも並んだ。522日午後3時から開催された「女性の人権を尊重する政治を!橋下発言に抗議する緊急 院内集会」には、約400人が詰めかけた。9割以上が女性。「絶対許せない」「すぐにヤメロ」「橋下と安倍は一緒」、怒りの声は止まらない。戦時中は「慰 安婦制度が必要なのは誰だってわかる」「海兵隊の性的エネルギーを解消するためにもっと風俗業を活用するよう進言した」など、たびかさなる橋下の暴言に、 235団体が抗議の声をあげた。メディアも国内だけでなく、香港・韓国からも取材が入った。レイバーネットTVでは、午後2時半~午後5時まで、熱気にあ ふれた集会の模様を生中継した。

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