Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let Prime Minister Hear People’s Voices against Nuclear Export

 The proprietor of Prime Ministers Residence was out for duties this day; he was on his visit to Myanmar with the First Lady. Nonetheless, the protest against restart of nuclear plants never stopped. The prime minister was busy on his trip to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (China and South Korea are too far). Along with the trip, he is extremely busy performing for pre-election campaign, donning Peoples Honor Award, test-piloting SDF airplane and etc. He has no time to listen to the peoples voices. It does look weird, though, to see the prime minister towing a row of economists on his sales pitch. This is because people of the nuclear village, business sector and bureaucracy are supporting the prime minister to export nuclear plants saying that Japan can guarantee the safety with the experience of severe accident. The government and TEPCO are putting priority to profits for the company and reactor suppliers rather  than peoples lives, while sacrificing the future for the children and young people without researching the cause of the accident, settling the disaster aftermath, processing nuclear waste, providing enough compensation to the victim and planning countermeasures for radioactive materials. This is nothing other than a desecration of life. (By Shinya)

官邸の主は公務で留守。夫人同伴でミャンマー訪問。それでも再稼働反対コールはとまらない。首相は病をおしてのベトナム、タイ、インドネシア、ロシア、サウ ジ、トルコ訪問で忙しい(中国、韓国は遠いのだ)。そのうえ国民栄誉賞、自衛隊機試乗、選挙前のパフォーマンスに超多忙。官邸前の民の声を聞いている暇が ない。それにしても一国の首相が経済人ぞろぞろ引き連れセールスに行く姿は異様。それも原子力村・財界・官僚たちが、安全の保証に日本を担保と首相を担い で原発輸出に励んでいるからだ。政府・東電は、福島原発の事故原因の究明も、事故処理も、放射性廃棄物処理も、被爆者救済も、被災者生活補償も、環境に広 がる放射能汚染対策も目処がたたないにもかかわらず、命より東電・原発メーカーの利益を優先し、子どもや若者の未来をむさぼり食う。これをいのちの冒涜といわず何といおう。(Shinya) 

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