Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Labornet TV receive a Peace and Cooperative Journalist Fund of Japan award

The Peace and Cooperative Journalist Fund of Japan (PCJF) awarded Labornet TV a prize for encouragement for 2013. The PCJF Prize is often referred to as the Pulitzer Prize of Japan sponsored by citizens. In the ceremony held in Tokyo on December 14, the award committee representative commended on the challenging programmes of Labornet TV aired since May 2010 that had addressed issues normally avoided by existing TV stations and presented them with workers' and citizens' points of view. The Grand Prize went to the team of Tokyo Shimbun Newspaper reporters who worked on the series of articles on the Constitution. HAYAKAWA Yukimi, a city news section subeditor, received the prize on behalf of the team. "With the recent enactment of the state secrets law, democracy of Japan is under increasing pressure. But we wouldn't passively give away what our predecessors have built for years. We keep on working hard to make every single report a water drop falling on a hard rock," said HAYAKAWA in the acceptance speech. On the same day, the Yoko Tada Memorial Fund awarded three organizations  Human Rights Awards for the achievements in civil resistance and protection of human rights. (M

市 民が選ぶ日本版ピューリッツァー賞といわれる「平和・協同ジャーナリスト基金賞」の第19回贈呈式が、1214日、東京・日本青年館で開催された。レイ バーネットTVは「奨励賞」に選ばれた。既存のテレビ局では出来ないテーマに果敢に取り組み、労働者・市民の目線でやってきた3年半の業績が評価された。 大賞に選ばれたのは「東京新聞・憲法取材班」。挨拶に立った社会部デスクの早川由紀美さんは、「秘密保護法が通り民主主義が揺らいでいる。しかし先輩たち が築いてきたものを簡単に手放すわけにはいかない。固い岩盤に一滴一滴、水を垂らすつもりで一本一本の記事を出していきたい」とこれからの決意を語った。 また同日、第25回多田第25回多田謡子反権力人権賞発表会があり、3つの運動団体が表彰された。(M) 

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