Monday, December 2, 2013

200 People Gather for Emergency Rally to Oppose Designated Secrecy Bill

On November 11, some 200 people gathered for a rally urgently called for at a Tokyo community center to oppose designated secrecy protection bill. The Japanese government should base its secrecy bill on The Tshwane Principles, said KAIDO Yuichi, a lawyer and the deputy general manager of headquarters to oppose the bill for the protection of the national secrecy in Japan Federation of Bar Associations, at the event. Although they were not laid down by UN itself, the principles were given approval globally under the International Covenants on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights, Kaido said. The Global Principles on National Security and the Right to Information were published on June 12th in Tshwane, South Africa. According to these principles, the Japanese government should debate the compliance and review other bills when it tries to enact the secrets bill. If there are any law that does not conform to the secrecy bill, the government should consider  reviewing them and existing Self-Defense Forces Law, he added. HANDA Shigeru, a member of editorial board of The Tokyo Shimbun also spoke at the rally. (SHIRAISHI Takashi)


11 5日午後630分から、東京の文京区民センターで「秘密保護法」に反対する緊急集会が開催され、会場いっぱいの200名が参加した。講師として日弁連 秘密保全法制対策本部副本部長の海渡雄一弁護士と東京新聞社の半田滋編集委員が登壇した。海渡弁護士は、今年612日に南アフリカのツワネで公表された 「国家安全保障と情報への権利に関する国際原則」を取り上げた。この「ツワネ原則」は、国連そのものが策定したものではないが、自由権規約とヨーロッパ人 権裁判所のもとで国際的に承認されたわけで、日本政府が秘密保全法制策定に際し、その適合性を検討することは必須であり、適合していない法案や現行自衛隊 法見直しなどをすべきと指摘した。(白石孝)

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