Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Stop the expansion of unstable employment and resulting poverty!" 2000 gather in the park of "tent city for jobless"

"It's been 5 years since the tent city for jobless was opened in this park (for the 2008-2009 year-end and new-year period) and the situation is worsening, rather than improving. The employment policy of the present administration is directed toward farther expansion of use of dispatched workers and various types of unstable employment. It will lead to increased poverty in our society. We must prevent the recurrence of the miseries so far experienced by a large number of dismissed temp workers," stressed INABA Tsuyoshi, a leading member of the 2008-2009 tent city operation, in front of 2000 participants at the "Mass Rally of Citizens to Consider Deregulation in Labor Legislation and Poverty" on December 13. Responding to the call by Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the three national centers of labor unions, Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation), Zenroren (National Confederation of Trade Unions) and Zenrokyo (National Trade Union Council), and other major labor organizations mobilized members.  "Indirect employment is a big threat to workers' rights. Dispatched workers are unable to address their demands or complaints directly to the management of their work places. They can do so only through the temp agencies they register with, but the workers' bosses are customers for temp agencies. Therefore, whatever demands or complaints the workers convey to agencies would never be passed on to the employers. The workers are, as a result, compelled to accept any violations of their rights. We must not allow the government to go forward with full liberalization of such a type of employment," said TAKENOBU Mieko, a former labor correspondent of the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper.By M

「こ こ日比谷公園で行われた派遣村から5年。事態はよくなるどころが逆行している。貧困の原因である派遣・不安定雇用が、今さらに拡大されようとしている。派 遣切りの悲劇を繰り返してはならない」。派遣村運営メンバーだった稲葉剛さんは強く訴えた。1213日、東京・日比谷野音で「労働法制の規制緩和と貧困 問題を考える市民大集会」が開かれ、2000人が集まった。安倍政権の雇用破壊政策が具体化する中、日弁連の呼びかけで連合・全労連・全労協など全ての労 働団体が結集した。元「朝日新聞」労働記者の竹信三恵子さんは「間接雇用は恐ろしい。間に派遣会社が入り、派遣労働者は雇い主に直接ものが言えない。派遣 会社に言っても、派遣会社にとって派遣先はお客様だから文句が言えるはずがない。全て泣き寝入りだ。こんな働き方の全面自由化は絶対ダメだ」と怒りをこめ て発言した。(M) 

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