Monday, December 30, 2013

Withdraw from the Negotiations! ~ ‘This Is Not OK: 2,700 Gather for 12.8 Massive Action against TPP

Is this OK?! 12.8 Massive Action against TPP drew 2,700 people on Dec. 8 to Hibiya Open Air Music Hall in Tokyo. This rally was organized by 165 organizations including a group of lawyers against TPP, a group of university staff calling on immediate withdrawal from TPP negotiations, Japan homemakers association, Farmers Organization, medical groups, co-ops and labor unions. The organizers and Diet members spoke at the event. While the government promoted participation in TPP negotiations by saying that we shouldnt miss the bandwagon, it kept the talks confidential. It is reported that the settlement will be concluded by the end of this year. We cant accept it. The government should withdraw from the negotiations, a speaker said. (By OZAWA Kuniko OZA)

 12 8()午後1時から、東京・日比谷公園野外音楽堂において「これでいいのか?!TPP 12.8大行動」が行われ、2700人が参加しました。この集会は、TPPに反対する弁護士ネットワーク、TPP参加交渉からの即時脱退を求める大学教員 の会、主婦連合会が呼びかけ、農民団体、医療関係団体、生協、労働組合など165団体が賛同しました。呼びかけ団体や国会議員のあいさつがありました。 「バスに乗り遅れるなとTPP交渉への参加をあおっておきながら、今は“守秘義務”としていっさい明らかにせぬまま、年内妥結が伝えられている。許せな い。交渉から脱退を!」という発言が続きました。(尾澤邦子)

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