Wednesday, December 18, 2013

‘The Law is Full of Human Rights Violations! It’s Terrorism by the Ruling Party.’ ~ Members of JFBA Campaign in Tokyo

We should never pass the law. It contains so many human rights infringements. Japan Federation of Bar Associations finally took to the street to protest against the Designated State Secret Protection Law. Lawyers distributed leaflets to hundreds of people who gathered outside the west exit of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo on December 1st and emphasized the danger of the law.  The law targets lawmakers of both ruling and opposition parties, Tsutomu SHIMIZU, an attorney, spoke to the crowd through a microphone. Under the law, Diet members, whose job is to ask questions, will be sent to jail if they did their job.  What nonsense!  Why dont they oppose the bill?  Bureaucrats are deciding everything, and no one is trying to stop them.  It is the ruling party that is acting like terrorists. Now is the time to start fresh and anew and deepen our discussion.  Speakers grabbed the microphone one after another and appealed to the crowd, We are  at a crucial stage this week. Let us fill the air with our voices of protest around the Diet Building. (By M)
 *Photos: Let us scrap the bill by all means
*Photo: People filling the open space outside the west exit of Shinjuku Station

「人 権侵害が多すぎる。この法律は絶対に通してはならない」。秘密保護法に反対して、日本弁護士連合会がついに「街頭宣伝」に立ち上がった。12月1日午後、 東京・新宿西口には数百人の市民が集まり、タスキ掛けの弁護士がチラシは配布した。マイクを握った清水勉弁護士は、「この問題に与党も野党もない。しゃ べってなんぼの国会議員がしゃべったら懲役5年を喰らう、とんでもない法律。なぜその国会議員が唯々諾々としているのか。官僚が勝手に決めて、暴走してい る。客観的にみてテロ的なことをやっているのは与党の側だ。いまは仕切り直しをして議論を深めるべき」と訴えた。「今週が最大の山場、抗議の声で国会周辺 を埋めつくそう」と弁士が次々とアピールした。(M) 写真速報動画(YouTube 5分)全力で廃案に追い込もう *写真=

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