Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Aeon subsidiary Amity implicated in teacher's suicide

 A labor standards office in Ishikawa Prefecture took an unusual move to determine that the suicide of an English-language instructor was caused by the extra work she was forced to do at home.The woman had sent e-mails to colleagues and acquaintances lamenting the extra work. She also wept in phone calls to her father about her workload.
  She later committed suicide by jumping from her condominium in Kanazawa in June 2011. She was 22 years old.Her father applied to the Kanazawa Labor Standards Inspection Office for recognition that his daughter’s death was caused by her job.
 However, since she had lived alone, the office could not readily determine how many hours she worked outside her workplace.So officials at the office performed the same work she did at home to find the extent of her burden, sources said Nov. 5.
 According to inspection office documents and lawyers who represented the woman’s father, the inspection office focused on 1,210 cards with letters and 1,175 cards with neat illustrations that she had created mainly at home during the two months since she joined Amity Corp., an operator of English conversation schools for children in various parts of Japan. Members of the inspection office created similar cards. They took 29 seconds to nine minutes and 26 seconds to make each card.
(General Union Website)
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