Monday, December 15, 2014

Protesters surround oden of secrets~Action to stop enactment of secrets law

 The secrets law, loaded with troubles, has generated over 24,000 public comments. Nevertheless, the Abe administration is going to forcibly enact it on Dec. 10. In the early afternoon of Nov.18, over 130 people protested in front of the Diet Building and at the “secrets law preparatory office building” of the Cabinet Office. SUGIHARA Koji, the executive committee member of anti-secrets law, shouted through a megaphone, “December 10 is Human Rights Day. The government is challenging the world by enacting the worst law that abuses human rights on that day,” Sugihara said. Protesters surrounded the government building, which housed the preparatory office, for the first time. “KITAMURA Shigeru, the ‘Eichmann in the prime minister's office,’ and his men are pushing the enactment of the law,” he said. “They refuse to tell us what floor the office is on. It’s a suspicious building.” Against this “oden of secrets,” protesters called out as loud as possible, “Stop the secrets law that leads Japan into war.” In the same afternoon, the Democratic Party of Japan and the Innovation Party also brought in a bill to postpone the enactment of the secrets law. The executive committee of anti-secrets law is calling for a big rally at Hibiya Park on Dec. 6, action in front of the prime minister's office on Dec. 10 and indignant judgment on the general election on Dec. 14.(M)

問 題だらけの法律「秘密保護法」には、2万4千をこえるパブリックコメントが寄せられている。にもかかわらず安倍政権は、12月10日に施行を強行しようと している。11月18日昼、130人を超える人々が国会正門前と内閣府「秘密保護法準備室」に対して、抗議の声を上げた。実行委員の杉原浩司さんは「12 月10日は世界人権デー。この日に人権侵害の最悪の悪法を施行する日本政府は、世界に対する挑戦だ!」とマイクで訴えた。「準備室」は中央合同庁舎8号館 にあり、今回初めてこのビルを取り囲んだ。「ここで“官邸のアイヒマン”といわれる北村滋氏らが施行準備を進めている。どの階に準備室があるかも教えない 怪しい建物だ」と杉原さん。この「ヒミツの巣窟」に向かって参加者は「戦争準備の秘密法をやめろ!」と精一杯のコールをぶつけた(写真)。またこの日の午 後、民主・維新も「延期法案」を提出した。実行委員会は、12/6日比谷大集会、12/10官邸前行動、12/14総選挙での怒りの審判、を呼びかけてい る。(M)
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