Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Victory!〜People power wins to suspend construction of Henoko reclamation

The rally started at 9 a.m. on Nov. 22. The waves were high in the ocean. Maritime Safety began to withdraw, driving rubber boats and patrol boats away. It was eerie because dump trucks stopped coming in and out of the gate. Thats when we heard Okinawa Prefectural Office submitted documents to the defense bureau demanding that it explain changes made in the application for the third stage of construction. The office pointed out to the Defense Ministry incomplete investigation and application. Now it is up to the newly elected Okinawa Governor ONAGA Takeshi to approve the application. Yes! We did it! We drove two vice governors out, and the prefectural government bureaucrats have also abandoned former governor Nakaima. Our struggles and unions struggles together drove Nakaima out! YAMASHIRO Hiroshi shouted. They celebrated it at the tent with goat soup. (By SATO Shigemi) 
 Photo: People protest in front of a gate on Nov. 22.


11 月22日、午前9時前集会開始。海上は波高し。海保がゴムボート撤去、巡視船引上げ、など撤退を始めたの情報、どうして? ゲート前ではダンプの出入りなし、変だ。すると県が3回目埋め立て申請変更についての説明を求める書面を防衛局に提出した、との情報が入る。調査の不備を 指摘し、防衛省に対して申請不備を突き付けた。埋め立て申請の是非の判断は翁長氏にゆだねられた。「やった!勝利! 副知事2名辞任、ついに県職員も仲井真を見放した。現場の闘い、市民の闘い、労組の闘いが積み重なって仲井真を追いだした」。山城博治さんが叫んだ。まさ しく勝利!テントではヤギ汁でやんややんやのお祭り!をしたとか。(佐藤茂美) 11.22現地報告 *写真=22日のゲート前

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