Thursday, March 26, 2015

Action to pursue the responsibility of the government, TEPCO  ~We should never forgive secondary damage by TEPCO, Government

 People protested at TEPCO and at the prime minister’s office on March 11, the fourth anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear explosion. Some participants were from as far as Sapporo, while others came from Ibaraki. Delayed by the snow, Masumi KOWATA from Fukushima Women Against Nukes joined the action after a meeting in Fukushima. The protesters handed written petitions addressed to Prime Minister Shinzo ABE and to TEPCO workers. No one was willing to take it, while the only ones who took them turned out a worker at the Cabinet Office, and a guard (!) at TEPCO.

There are still 120,000 evacuees, but TEPCO and the government have made very little compensation during the past four years. They are suffering very much because of the damages caused by the explosions and hoping something would be done to the situation. Many are frustrated at the government’s attitude, but because of the struggles in their daily lives, they have very few opportunities to directly protest against or demand the government and TEPCO. Also an atmosphere is growing in which they are pressured to refrain from raising voices.  In such a situation, it is all the more significant for the protesters to continue pursuing the responsibilities of the government and TEPCO.  (By Shinya)



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