Sunday, March 22, 2015

Victory for the homeless: Lawsuit for state compensation against their eviction from Miyashita Park, central Tokyo

On March 13, 2015, a decision was made by the Tokyo District Court on the demand for state compensation against the eviction of the homeless from Miyashita Park in the Shibuya district, Tokyo.
Nike acquired naming rights for the formerly public park and has excluded the homeless and poor people from the park ever since. The decision also referred to illegality of the major manufacturer of sports equipment.
 The court suggested the following four points as being illegal.
1. The plan to change the park has not been approved by the Shibuya Ward Assembly.
2. The plan has not been subjected to competitive bidding.
3. The homeless who had to live in the park were evicted in an unacceptably forcible manner.
4. An opportunity to explain against the eviction has not been given with regard to the procedure to administrative subrogation.
 The court approved a compensation of 110,000 Japanese yen (900 US dollars) for the homeless.
 YAMAMOTO Shizu, attorney for the plaintiffs, says, “It is particularly important that the court referred to illegality of not only the forcible eviction but also Nike’s acquisition of Miyashita Park. Now, a big real estate company starts to take initiative to develop the park into ‘New Miyashita Park’, but this decision possibly works as a brake against the move”.
 Shibuya Ward Office says, “We will examine the contents of the decision and take action appropriately”. ( KUISAKO Ryuta )



「判決内容を検討し、適切に対応してまいります」    (杭迫隆太)

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Angela said...

¡Congratulations! from Spain, the land of evictions in Europe.
Stop Nike taking over a public park. stop corporations taking over people lives