Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Blow fish is also angry in Wakasa ~ Voices of protest echoes against the restart of Takahama Nuclear Plant

 The Abe administration forced start the Takahama Nuclear Power Plant on Jan. 29 as the third one after the disaster. That day in Tokyo, people gathered in the rain in front of Kansai Electric Power Co Tokyo Office in protest. With a sign reading, “The blow fish in Wakasa Bay is extremely angry” (photo). Wakasa Bay, which has a concentration of nuclear plants, is known as a place for fresh blowfish. Protesters’ expression is harsh.
 “There is no reasoning whatsoever,” said MICHITA Natsuka Mic. “They ignored the voices protesting against the restart of nuclear plants. They are trying to establish the facts. Takahama plants don’t have enough of everything. There is no quake-resistant building, no escape route, or no fair cables. What is the nuclear regulatory agency doing? Can the Kansai Electric Co. take responsibility for what may happen?” She vented her unsettled anger. Protest actions continued at METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and the Prime Minister’s Residence. (By M)

 1 29日、安倍政権は震災後3基目になる高浜原発再稼働を強行した。夕方、東京・内幸町の関西電力東京支社前に、雨のなか緊急に市民が集まり抗議の声を上 げた。「若狭のふぐ 怒り心頭」のプラカードを掲げる人もいた(写真)。原発銀座の若狭湾は新鮮なふぐの産地なのだ。参加者の表情は険しい。マイクを握った満田夏花さんは「本 当にもう理屈もなにもない。再稼働反対の声を無視して、どんどん進めて既成事実をつくろうというのだ。高浜原発はないないづくし。免震重要棟もない、避難 計画もダメダメ、そして不正ケーブル問題。原子力規制委員会はいったい何をやっているのか。関西電力は責任をとれるのか」。収まらない怒りをはき出した。 この日は金曜行動の日で、経産省や官邸前でも抗議行動が続けられた。(M

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