Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Let’s get connected with students and young people! ~ Ouchi Hirokazu speaks at ‘Hinomaru and Kimigayo’ gathering

 It’s been 13 years since the Tokyo metropolitan government began enforcing the “Hinomaru (national flag raising) and Kimigayo (singing of the national anthem)” at public schools in Tokyo. A gathering against this enforcement was held in Suginami Ward in Tokyo on Feb. 13. The meeting, which was promoted by a Tokyo network against the board of education, drew about 100 people.
 At first, OUCHI Hirokazu, Chukyo University professor (see photo), gave a lecture titled,  “Security legislation and Education.” Ouchi, who has shined a light on abuses against part-timers and led the movement to tackle issues surrounding student loan, pointed out that it is important to think about anti-security legislation and poverty together.
 He said, “neo-liberalism have driven income gap and poverty to the worst level. About half of young people live under 3 million yen a year. The number of workers who cannot afford to live is increasing. It is necessary to criticize impoverishment as well as dismantling of constitutionalism. In short, a movement that brings power shift to the relationship between wage labor and capital is being sought.
(By SASAKI Yumi)  

 東 京の公立学校で「日の丸・君が代」の強制が始まって13年がたつ。213日、「日の丸・君が代」強制反対!213総決起集会が、東京・セシオン杉並で 開かれた。主催は都教委包囲首都圏ネット。100人が集まった。冒頭、大内裕和さん(中京大学教授/写真)が「安保法制と教育」と題して講演。ブラックバ イトや、奨学金問題に光をあて、救済運動をリードしてきた大内さんは、反安保運動と貧困問題をつなげることが大切だと指摘した。「新自由主義で格差と貧困 は極限まで達している。若年層のほぼ半数は、年収300万円以下。食べられない労働者が増加している。『立憲主義』解体への批判とともに、貧困化への批判 が必要だ。つまり『賃労働と資本』の場における力関係を変える運動こそが求められている」と語った。(佐々木有美) 続き渡部通信

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