Saturday, February 20, 2016

“Respect ILO Recommendations!” - Dismissed Toyota Workers Protest as Emperor Visits Philippines

Upon the visit of the Japanese Emperor and Empress to the Philippines, members and supporters of Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA) staged protest on Jan. 27 in several places in Manila demanding the Japanese automaker to solve the 15-year long massive dismissal case in line with recent ILO recommendations. In front of the Malacanang Palace where President Aquino hosted a welcome dinner for the royal couple that day, workers and their families and friends appealed that solving the issue of violation of Filipino workers’ rights by a subsidiary of a Japanese giant multinational corporation should be recognized as an essential piece in building true friendship between the two countries, holding envelope-shaped signs. They conducted similar actions in front of the Japanese embassy and major business bases of George Ty, the local co-owner of TMPC.

Regarding the case of TMPCWA where 233 union officers and members were dismissed in 2001 as part of union busting by the company, the International Labour Organization have recognized it as violation of workers’ right to organizing and collective bargaining and urged the government of the Philippines in its recommendations of 2012 and 2013 to take actions for the solution of the labor dispute. In October 2015, the international body issued another recommendation.                 .

The Department of Labor and Employment of the government of the Philippines has been interceding with the union and the company to reach a solution in line with the ILO recommendations, but Toyota Philippines has not been responsive. TMPCWA and their supporters demand that the parent company in Japan, Toyota Motor Co. intervene into the case to take responsibility of the misconducts of its subsidiary and expedite the solution.

Based on the article on Rodojoho Vol. 929)

ILO recommendation, 2012
ILO recommendation, 2013
ILO recommendation, 2015

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