Monday, March 21, 2016

No day care center for our kids! This is the reality! – Protest in front of the parliament

A blog with a comment “No day care center for my kid! Down with Japan!” has drawn attention. YAMAO Shiori, a member of Japan’s lower house (House of Representatives) from the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, referred to the blog at a budget committee meeting of the house on February 29, 2016. Prime Minister ABE Shinzo responded, “As long as it is anonymous, it is impossible for me to confirm if it is true”. Other lower house members of the major party booed and jeered at her, saying, “Who wrote the blog?” and “Bring the blogger here”. Anger has spread rapidly against the arrogance. On March 5, 2016, approximately 50 persons, many of them carrying their babies, staged a protest action in front of the parliament. The organizer of the action (photo) said, “The booing and jeering made me mad. My children have already grown up, but I felt it was about me. People in my mother’s generation also had the same experience, so the difficult situation for women has not changed for 20 or 40 years at all. The lawmakers do not see the reality at all, so I decided to raise my voice”. Another woman, who recently failed to win a lottery to get into a day care center, said quietly but angrily, “There is only anger in my mind. What can I do? Nothing”. (M)



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