Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cram school teachers get reinstated at Ichishin School

Members of the National Union of General Workers at Tokyo Tobu won the long struggle, which was filed in 2013 when teachers at the Ishishin cram school joined the union to fight against unfair layoffs. The school settled out of court and the union branch general secretary and a member were reinstated after they were unfairly dismissed late February 2014 and the president and another member were terminated late February 2015. This settlement brought all the terminated union members back to school. In the settlement, the school stated that it retracts its intentions to terminate the contracts of the union members. A vice president of the union branch who received a dismissal notice from the school late February was also able to annul the notice. The company was to also compensate back pay for all the members reinstated and the monetary settlement. This is a landmark victory for the union! (By SUGANO Ari, Tokyo Tobu) 
See photo=Ichishin school branch members express gratitude for winning the high court ruling last December.

組 合結成直後の2013年以来、連続的な不当雇い止め解雇撤回を求めて闘ってきた東部労組市進支部の争議が全面勝利解決しました。 和解の内容は組合の全面勝 利です。2014年2月末日をもって雇い止め解雇された市進支部安田書記長・土田組合員、翌2015年2月末日に雇い止め解雇となった並木委員長・大原副 委員長への雇い止め解雇は撤回されました。これにより、不当にも雇い止め解雇となった全員が解雇撤回をかちとりました。和解合意 書中には「会社は(各組合 員との)雇用関係を終了させる(雇止めする)旨の意思表示を撤回する」旨が明記されています。また、今年2月末日で雇い止め解雇の通告を受けていた小宮副 委員長についても解決となりました。雇い止め解雇撤回にともない、各自へのバックペイ(賃金の遡及払い)も含めた解決金を会社が 支払うこととなります。ま た、並木委員長が近々に職場復帰します。まさに組合の全面勝利です!(東京東部労組・菅野存) 報告 * 写真=昨年12月、高裁勝利判決を喜ぶ市進支部

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