Sunday, June 26, 2016

Support workers at Tokyo curry shops facing job losses, demanding unpaid wages

Indian and Bangladeshi workers at curry restaurants in Tokyo
are on the brink of job and housing losses as the holding company
decided to close the restaurants as of June 20.
15 workers of Shanti, an Indian curry chain with five outlets in Tokyo,
have not been paid properly for last two years,
not at all this year. Many of them lost accommodation due to a fire in
February and have since been staying in the restaurants.
The president of the company recently demanded them in writing to leave
by June 17, while the workers maintain that they are willing to leave as
soon as they receive the salaries and overtime totaling 62.96 million
yen the company owes to them. They have filed complaints at a labor
standard office in Tokyo  to recover the unpaid wages through
negotiation, but the company has not responded so far. The difficulties
of the workers who are threatened with eviction are exacerbated by the
lack of their abilities in the Japanese language. Some customers who are
supporting these workers have opened a Twitter account to disseminate
information. Follow @support4shanti and support the workers!  
They are now formally organized!Latest situation as of June 23
The workers established on June 23 an independent union with
a help of a Japanese labor lawyer. After the initial news came out,
the support to them surged: the twitter account followers quickly
reached over 2000, mass media and more independent journalists
visited the restaurants to cover this topic. On June 22, three workers
who are now the president, the vice president and the general-secretary
of the union appeared on the Labornet TV program. (By M)


 動画(従業員の訴え 4分)

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