Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Angry workers sit in at Tokyo District Court demanding an end to discrimination against non-regular employees

Angry workers wearing “Hats of burning anger” with a massage, “Flower (or dignity) to non-regular employees!” appeared for the first time in front of the Tokyo District Court on Dec. 12. They represented the voices of casual workers’ fury of not receiving any severance pay nor even a bouquet of flowers upon retirement. The lawsuit, where four non-regular women workers of “Metro Commerce” (Tokyo Metro Kiosk) called on the company to treat them equally as the regular employees under Article 20 of Labor Contract Act, is now at a final stage. They launched a sit-in strike on Dec. 12 to last through Dec. 15. “You can see it most clearly how we are discriminated against when it comes to bonuses,” the Metro Commerce union president USHIRO Ryoko said. “We, contract employees B (non-regular), receive only a 100,000 yen as bonus, whereas a regular employee receives over 600,000 yen. It is unfair that such a big difference exists when we do the same work. We’ve had enough; it’s time that we rose up to fight a legal battle.” But the outlook for the lawsuit seems hardly hopeful. On the same day, a number of members of the Postal Industry Workers Union (PIWU) fighting against the same issue came to support them. A non-regular university lecturer also took the microphone to say that the bonus discrepancy between regular and non-regular workers is six fold. Fury over prevalent discrimination against non-regular workers spread across the society from the sit-in protest at Tokyo District Court. (By M) 


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