Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Death to companies with corporate malpractices! ~ 400 people gather for ‘12.4 Raise the minimum wage demo’

On Dec. 4, AEQUITAS (a Latin word for justice or fairness) called for a demonstration in Shinjuku, Tokyo, in demand for a higher minimum wage, which drew more than 400 people. Demonstrators rapped calls, such as “Raise the minimum wage to 1500 yen,” “Death to sweatshops,” “Raise the minimum wage now,” “Spend the tax money for the taxpayers,” and “If you are struggling to survive, raise your voice!” By the roadside, a truck driver on a break took photos of the demonstrators; a couple watched the demonstration go by with a smile; and others simply watched in agape. People seemed to receive the demo favorably. At the demonstration, unionists and labor activists, including nursing care workers, and SHIMIZU Naoko, president of Precariat Union, which fights against the “Ari-san” moving company, spoke, “The 1500-yen minimum wage is not a dream,” and “We are not asking too much when we demand for workers’ rights.” (By YAMADA Shingo)

4日、新宿でAEQUITAS (エキタス、ラテン語で「正義」や「公正」を意味する言葉)が呼びかけた「12.4あげろ最低賃金デモ」が行われ、400人が参加した。最低賃金を1500円以上に引き上げろ! ブラック企業はさっさと消えろ! 最低賃金今すぐ上げろ! 払った税金俺らに使え! 生活苦しいやつ声上げろ! などのラップ調のコールが叫ばれ、沿道からは休憩中のトラック運転手がデモ隊の写真を撮ったり、ニコニコしながらデモ隊を見送るカップル、こんなデモあるの?みたいな口あんぐりの方などを見ながらデモ隊を見送る人などが、デモの様相が好意的に受け止められている印象を受けた。デモでは、介護労働者、アリさんマークの引越社と闘うプレカリアートユニオン清水執行委員長らがスピーチを行い、「最低賃金1500円は夢物語ではない」「働く権利を守れというのは贅沢でない」と訴えがあった。(山田真吾)

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