Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Part-time public workers on strike – Against discriminatory treatment

 “We are part-time public workers. Many of us have been unlawfully dismissed. Today, we are going on strike to protest such an injustice”. The strike was organized and carried out by the General Union of Public Workers in Tokyo (Tokyo Komu Kokyo Ippan) on November 28, 2016 in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Approximately eighty people joined the action in the winter cold. They demanded the repeal of termination of employment contracts, payment of unpaid wages and pay increases. The main speakers included former lecturers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Vocational Skills Development Center who were unfairly dismissed in the name of outsourcing to the private sector. They said, “No matter how hard we work, our wages are law, and our positions are unstable and unmotivating”. Their demonstrations revealed terrible treatments of “part-time and casual” government workers who make up half of the whole national and local government workforce. GOTO Michio, a sociologist, delivered a solidarity message, “This poverty in Japan largely attributes to weakened trade unions, as well as capitalists that do whatever they like. Let’s start with the revitalization of trade unions”. (M)



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