Tuesday, December 27, 2016

‘Malugo should withdraw unfair dismissal!’ ~Workers strike against sudden business closure, dismissal〜

Workers of Malugo Ltd, which sells model guns and other imported goods in   Ameyoko district of Ueno, Tokyo, went on strike on Dec. 13 in demand for reinstatement. They are members of the Malugo branch of the National Union of General Workers, Tokyo Tobu. Malugo President KANEKO summoned the employees on Dec. 12, and together with his lawyer, suddenly announced the store closure and their dismissal.  “I’ll pay you one-month allowance required by law on sudden dismissal,” he said. “but you must leave today with all your belongings.” The workers organized themselves and formed a labor union four years ago, but the company had never consulted with the union about the store closure till that day. It was a bolt out of the blue to the workers.  It is unjust to dismiss workers, some of whom had contributed to the company more than 30 years, as if they were totally insignificant. (By  SUDA Mitsuteru,  NUGW Tokyo Tobu) *Photo = Malugo workers on strike (Dec. 13)

  動画(7分) *写真=ストライキ決行中のマルゴー(1213日)

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